Team Instruction

Whether your team is training for nationals or learning basic skills, our staff will help your team reach its potential. Squads will also have the opportunity to train in the well-equipped Cheer Zone Extreme All-Star Facility. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!
Stunt & Tumbling Clinics

STUNT CLINICS: Stunts, Stunts, and more Stunts! Our staff will teach the most up-to-date partner stunts, all-girl stunts, co-ed stunts, pyramids, and creative transitions safely! Let our top notch staff lead your kids through exciting new stunts or perfect existing skills! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

TUMBLE CLINICS: If you are ready for more advanced tumbling skills or just beginning. Our high energy tumbling clinics will focus on your individual team needs. Our staff will work with you on all aspects of beginning to advance tumbling to help you reach your highest tumbling goals! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

Private Camps

Cheer Zone Extreme offers the most innovative and top notch cheerleading camps in the Area! We have the stunting and tumbling expertise your team needs, the right prices, and material you don’t want to miss! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

Private Lessons

One-on-one private lessons are often the fastest, most effective way to improve your skills. Our highly qualified instructors will work with athletes of every ability level, providing custom instruction in all areas of tumbling, stunting, dance, cheer, and gymnastics! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

Custom Music

We offer custom Cheer & Dance Music for all types of cheerleading & dance teams (All-Star, Youth/Rec., Junior High, High School, etc....) If you have been looking for something more exciting and new, then try The Zone for all of your music needs! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!


When you want the most flashy, top notch, and cutting edge choreography around, look no further than Cheer Zone! We specialize in custom choreography for all cheerleading teams of any age and skill level. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

Birthday Paries

Let us help you plan the perfect birthday bash! At our birthday parties children will get to participate in all kinds of fun activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, music, and much much more! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!