Jump. Listen. Flip. Learn. Kick. Focus. Fly. Challenge.


Ninja Zone

A fusion of obstacle training, gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement.


Ninja Zone LOVES your child’s energy and ignites their confidence.

Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Obstacle Course Training and more for Boys & Girls Ages 3-11 yrs old

Mon. & Thurs. Days, Evenings & Sat. Mornings

What does Ninja Zone do for my kids?

  • Energy Release
  • Discipline (without them knowing it)
  • Daily Challenges & Daily Wins
  • Confidence & Grit
  • Always a New Challenge
  • Learn Sweet Moves to Show Off to Their Freinds
  • Core Strength & Agility to Prep or Compliment any Sport

What do Ninjas do in class?

  • Learn Sweet Moves
  • Kick Stuff
  • Jump, Run, Flip, and Climb!
  • Compete in Cool Obstacles Courses